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Remembering the Fallen in Itchen Valley 2017

‘There seem to be more of us these days’ Gerry Stacey said to me.  And its true.  There was a stage, when my generation was growing up, when shame about Empire and the diminishing memories of the First and Second … Continue reading

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The Way of the Cross – The Martyr Worthy Passion 2017

The anxieties of producing the Way of the Cross for Itchen Valley Parish seem pretty all encompassing at the time: – how on earth will we cast 32 people (most of whom probably need to be men) for an event … Continue reading

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Three tea parties for HM The Queen

All over the country, in communities in villages, towns and cities, events have been held to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday today.  And the Itchen Valley has been no exception.  In addition to the Easton Street Party and the Celebratory … Continue reading

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Easton Street Party for HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday

  Easton kicked off the celebrations of the Queen’s birthday in Itchen Valley with a street party on Saturday 11th June outside the Chestnut Horse.  A long table of flags and the bunting draped between the houses gave a scene … Continue reading

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Pancake Day !!!!

A big thank you to everyone.  To all those who helped, thanks for your time and effort. To all those who came, thanks for making it great fun. You ate enough pancakes to keep the helpers working full time, non-stop … Continue reading

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Ladies Supper November 2015 by Lucy Pease

Itchen Valley Parish Ladies Supper The Ladies Supper which was first inaugurated by Fiona Micklefield and then seamlessly continued in the church vacancy by Laura Hanley and Penelope Kellie has now become a Valley institution. On Wednesday 18th November our … Continue reading

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Itchen Valley Catholic Mass on Tuesday 14th July 2015

On Tuesday 14th July Wojtek and Madeline Rakowicz and the Catholics of Itchen Valley invited their Anglican neighbours to attend a Catholic mass at Itchen Abbas House followed by drinks and supper.  This Catholic Mass in the Valley is a … Continue reading

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